Occupational Medicine in Laredo,TX

Providing Comprehensive Programs to Help You Get Back to Work Safely & Quickly. With One of Our Experienced Doctors, You Can Get Help With Any Work-Related Injury or Issue. Call us at (956) 523-0966 to Book a Consultation. Or Visit Us at 2438 Monarch Drive Suite A-375 Laredo, TX 78045.

Occupational Medicine in Laredo,TX
Occupational Medicine in Laredo,TX

Here at DOC-AID Urgent Care, we’re available 7 days a week and evenings for anyone who has suffered from a work-related injury or illness, or for any other kind of occupational medicine. As an occupational healthcare provider, we can treat injured or ill employees or provide drug testing for employers. Just reach out to us at our clinic to learn more about occupational medicine in Laredo, TX.

What does an occupational healthcare provider do?

Employers and employees have work-health-related needs that must be met, which an occupational healthcare provider can help with. For instance, if an employee gets injured in the workplace, he or she will need to receive proper treatment and perhaps even compensation from the employer. But the employer has needs as well, such as a requirement that the employee gets treated in compliance with company regulations. It might be necessary for the employee to be treated by an occupational health provider as opposed to a private healthcare practitioner. DOC-AID Urgent Care is an occupational healthcare provider that can treat ill or injured employees and assist employers with their needs too.

What occupational medicine services do you provide?

Over here at DOC-AID Urgent Care, we provide a number of services for both employees and employers, and we take both parties’ needs into account. With DOC-AID Urgent Care, we can provide:

  • Employee healthcare for common work injuries like minor lacerations, burns, and fractures, as well as work-acquired illnesses like respiratory illnesses
  • Employer pre-employment physicals and alcohol/drug testing
  • Worker’s compensation claims
  • DOT physicals/testing
  • Referrals to specialists (like physical therapists) for physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • And other screenings and services

Worker’s compensation claims require that some paperwork be completed and that both parties’ needs are properly represented, which we can do here at our clinic.

Why should I choose DOC-AID Urgent Care as my occupational health provider?

Employers and employees can benefit from choosing us as their occupational healthcare provider. For employees, we represent their healthcare needs to the employer so that the employees receive the treatment, care, and compensation they require. We can treat any common, minor injury or illness they acquire from the workplace and refer them to any specialists for any further treatment. We can take care of any claims as well and work with the employer and insurance company on the employee’s behalf.

Likewise, with employers, we’re able to work with the insurance company on the employer’s behalf and ensure that the claim is handled fairly. We can also ensure that the employee’s treatment is in compliance with company, DOT, and/or OSHA regulations. Your employee will be able to return to work quickly, and we can provide any of your other employees with drug and/or alcohol testing. Come see us for any of your occupational medicine needs.

Do you provide occupational medicine in Laredo, TX?

Yes, we do. Our clinic is located over at 2438 Monarch Drive Suite A-375 Laredo, TX 78045. If you require our services, then please get in touch with us right away. You can reach us at Call Now, book an appointment with us online, or come visit us in person. Our clinic is available to you 7 days a week and on evenings after work until 8 pm.

We hope to see you soon here at DOC-AID Urgent Care.