Occupational Health Services in Laredo, TX

Doc-Aid Urgent Care Center & Doctors in Laredo, Texas Provides Employer Drug Testing, Work Injury Treatment, and Other Occupational Medicine Services 7 Days a Week. Call us at (956) 523-0966.

Occupational Health Services in Laredo, TX
Occupational Health Services in Laredo, TX

For Employers

DOC-AID Urgent Care offers a comprehensive occupational health program to help meet the needs of all business owners. A healthy workforce is the biggest building block of any good business. Our primary concentration is helping you and your employees getting back on their feet. With a complete treatment plan, our staff will work with you to get your employees back to work. Keeping you up-to-date with your employee’s status and treatment process you, we know that your employee’s health in a fundamental ingredient for a healthy business. Injured employee’s not only cost production time but your company will take the loss of worker’s compensation expenses. DOC-AID Urgent Care is committed to getting your employees and your business the best affordable care.

For Employees

At DOC-AID Urgent Care we provide an occupational health program customized to your individual needs. We realize that being out of work can be costly for the whole family. That’s why we focus our attention on helping you get better as quickly as possible. We ensure that we follow corporate protocols and work policies to make it convenient for you and your employers. We provide status reports to employers and follow up appointments. All of our providers are experienced in handling worker’s injury treatment and will help guide you through your treatment program.

Occupational Health Services:

  • On the Job Injury
  • Sudden Illness
  • Pre-employment Exams
  • Employee Physicals
  • Immunizations and Vaccines
  • Drug Testing

Call us for more information. Our walk-in clinic is open 7 days a week for extended hours to treat you and your employees we are located at 2438 Monarch Drive Suite A-375 in Laredo, TX 78045.