COVID-19 Testing – Doc-Aid Urgent Care

DOC-AID Urgent Care & Walk-in Clinic is a COVID-19 Testing Site. We offer PCR, Antigen, and Antibody Testing for COVID-19.

NOTE: There is an extensive amount of paperwork involved with COVID testing. It is advised that you book a visit on-line and fill out all paperwork BEFORE you arrive to expedite your visit.

We are open 7 days a week, 10am – 8pm
(956) 523-0966
2438 Monarch Drive Suite A-375 Laredo, TX 78045


We serve patients locally in Laredo, Hebbronville, Zapata, Carrizo Springs, Cotulla, Eagle Pass, and throughout the state of Texas via our Telehealth option, please call us.

COVID-19 PCR Testing In-House Lab Near Me in Laredo, TX
COVID-19 PCR Testing Outside Lab Near Me in Laredo, TX
COVID-19 Travel Testing Near Me in Laredo, TX 78045
COVID-19 Antigen Testing Near Me in Laredo, TX
COVID-19 Antibody Testing Near Me in Laredo, TX

Each insurance company has different policies and different plans. Members are strongly urged to contact their health insurance for more information specific to their needs.

Helpful Definitions:
Cost sharing – Every health insurance plan (except for medicaid) requires their members to cover some portion of their medical bills, this is known as cost sharing. The member’s copay, deductible, co-insurance, and maximum out of pocket are all charges that are the member’s responsibility or member’s cost share.
Copay – These are flat fees the member pays for covered services like office visits, urgent care visits, or er visits. Copays are not tied to deductibles which means they do not count towards the deductible and copays are always the member’s responsibility even after they have met their deductible for the term or year.
Deductible – This is the annual amount the member has to pay before their plan starts to pay, in other words, the deductible is what the member pays for medical care out of pocket up front before their health plan will cover its share of the member’s bills. The member will only have to pay this once per term or year.
Co-insurance – This is a percentage of the medical bill the member pays after they have met their deductible, in other words, after the member’s deductible is met, the member shares responsibility for payments with their insurance company until their out of pocket maximum is satisfied (member pays a % and insurance company pays a %)
Out of pocket maximum – This is the maximum amount the member has to pay each term or year for medical services, in other words, this is the most the member will spend out of pocket in a given term or year. Members must check their benefits and plan details to see if their deductible is part of their out of pocket maximum. Some plans will apply the deductible to the
out of pocket maximum and other plans will not apply the deductible to the out of pocket maximum, every plan is different.