Appointment Request at Doc-Aid Urgent Care in Laredo, TX

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Appointment Request at Doc-Aid Urgent Care in Laredo, TX

Laredo, Texas Appointments

Anywhere in Texas (except Laredo)

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Submit patient information.

Pay the $25 booking fee to reserve your appointment. Booking fee will be applied to any charges you incur.

Instructions and links to medical questionnaires will be sent to your email. Fill out the questionnaires and submit them before your appointment.

UPLOAD AND SHARE your driver’s license and insurance card (front and back) to the documents section of your Patient Portal. Click “upload and share”, tap “To:” and select the Provider you are seeing.

COVID-19 testing and video consultations are performed AT OUR FACILITY CURBSIDE (from your car). When you arrive you can request to have a face-to-face consultation at your car.

All patients scheduling a Video Consult will need the following:

  • A mobile device with a strong internet connection
  • An active email address
  • Create a Patient Portal Account (instructions will be sent to your email address)
  • Have Zoom app downloaded to the device (do not need to have an account just the app on your device)
  • If you need any kind of lab work you will need to be present at our facility at the time of your appointment even if your consult is by video.

Non-covid in-person appointments will initially be scheduled as a Video Consult. Depending on your symptoms, the provider will decide if a video or in-office consult is needed.

Save your Patient Portal username and password as we can not retrieve this information for you. You will need to log in to your Patient Portal to see your results. If you have questions about your results you can send a message to your provider through the Patient Portal.